Collaborative TV Shows between China & Balochistan

中国和俾路支省之间 合作的电视节目

Visionary Group strongly believes in collaboration and reflects this belief on multiple fronts. Its media channel, VSH News has two TV programs aired in collaboration with CEN called: “When in China and The Belt and Road Face to Face.” “When in China” is a program which shows how Pakistanis are comfortably living in China and contributing to its economy and society. It promotes cultural and educational exchange of information to strengthen ties between the two countries. The Belt and Road Face to Face discusses all CPEC related activities and their cultural, economic, and social impact on Pakistan.

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The Belt and Road Face to Face 一带一路面对面

When in China 在中国

A moderator from VSH News raises questions that are answered by the CEN counterpart in Beijing. It is an interactive program with productive discussions relevant to the people of both the countries. Both these TV shows are primarily in English language with Balochi subtitles. 远见集团坚信协作和反映了这一信念,在多个方面。 其媒体通道,VSH新闻具有协同CEN播出两套电视节 目叫:“当中国和皮带和路面对面”。“当中国”是一个程 序,它显示了如何巴基斯坦人舒适的生活在中国,并 促进其经济和社会。它促进了信息文化和教育交流, 加强两国之间的联系。皮带和路面对面讨论所有CPEC 相关的活动和他们的文化,经济和社会对巴基斯坦的影 响。从VSH新闻主持人提出了由北京对口CEN回答问题。 它与相关的两个国家的人民富有成效的讨论的互动节目。 这两个电视节目主要是在俾路支字幕英语。