Empowering Balochistan

The Vsh News' original TV Shows are also designed to educate people about Balochistan’s unseen land beauty, arts, poetry, music and history. VSH also promotes Baloch artists who hardly receive any recognition of their work on other medias in Pakistan. The VSH channel has endeavored in addressing the grievances of Balochistan and helped eliminate alienation of the people of Balochistan from the mainstream of Pakistan. 

VSH News engages with its viewers through multiple programs. These programs revolve around news every hour, current affairs, infotainment and entertainment.

Most of our TV show hosts encourage families to provide their girls with primary, secondary, and university education.

Promoting women’s rights was one of the most challenging tasks for the management of VSH News TV. The women of Balochistan consider VSH as a beacon of light for women’s emancipation in all walks of life.

VSH News has stations in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Quetta. The channel successfully delivers all news through its correspondents’ team of 124 reporters out of which 52 are from Balochistan and 18 are from overseas. The VSH team consists of 200 members including talented News anchors, TV hosts, journalists and broadcasters. The channel is loved and watched by approximately 50 million people across Pakistan.

Through these shows, VSH News makes its viewers aware of the happenings within and outside the province and encourages them to learn skills and acquire talents. Baloch people have been an extremely conservative community, because of which the priority of girl’s education and their career development has been put backwards for ages. VSH News for the first time in Pakistan, encouraged women to participate in the news channel as TV show hosts, news anchors and senior executives.