Pakistan’s first 4x4 off-road motorsports company,

“Freedom Rally Pakistan.”

In 2004 Visionary Group initiated off-road jeeps / cars rallies in the deserts of Balochistan by the name of Freedom Rally, setting Off-roading culture in Pakistan. The three-day thrilling event includes vehicles inspection, rally breifings to the drivers, track reconnaissance and finally concluding on the final day of 14th of August, Pakistan’s Independence Day. The debut of the car race was organized in the off-road terrains of the coastal belt of Balochistan in Gwadar. The off-road enthusiasts from all over the country stock in Gwadar for the thrilling race. The event gained immense popularity among the off-road rally drivers in Pakistan and the event became an annual feature anticipated each year. The event not only provides a healthy activity in the country but also projects a soft image of Balochistan. The race consists of an extreme format, where man and machine are tested to their limits and one had to cover the stages in the fastest time possible. Freedom Rally continues to be the famous rally organisers in Pakistan. It is tough in the desert  as competitors battle extreme weather conditions, and navigation takes a key role owing to the terrain. In collaboration with the Emirates Motor Sports Federation, Freedom Rally has the honor to conduct rallies according to the Fedration International de’Automobile (FIA) our team leaves no stone unturned in making the Freedom Rally an unforgettable experience. The tracks are prepared months in advance after rigorous rounds. The location of stages combined with the format of race, certainly makes it a treat to watch.

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