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At Visionary Group we believe Pakistan is a country of great opportunities. Providing basic facilities and social support to our people will move our nation towards progress, development and growth. Currently Balochistan (Pakistan's largest province) needs the most care and our team works hard everyday to improve the economic, cultural, social and business sector of this under privileged region. Since 2002, just like our founding father, Haji M. Iqbal Baloch, we have always shown a passion to become a bridge between Balochistan and the rest of the world. Visionary Group is a diverse organisation which aims to focus on social and commercial development. Our motto is when Balochistan will grow, Pakistan will grow!


VSH NEWS TV is providing news, information, education and entertainment in Balochi language for men, women & children in the province of Balochistan, Pakistan since 2008. It is the sole Balochi language Satellite TV transmission for the whole of Pakistan, in upper Sindh & Karachi, South Punjab & parts of KPK and brotherly countries Oman, Iran, Dubai & Qatar where sizable Baloch viewership resides and loves to watch news, information & entertainment in their own language, available for 24 hours. VSH's principle is of non-discrimination, participation, empowerment, human dignity, transparency, rule of law and accountability which are the overarching principles of a rights-based approach in all sectors covering our TV media activities. Learn more at


Located adjacent to the New Gwadar International Airport, Gwadar Gymkhana (area 10 acres) is a $15 million project being developed by Visionary Group. It is one of the fastest developing social club project of repute in Gwadar. Like other historical Gymkhana clubs in all main cities of Pakistan and abroad, Gwadar Gymkhana will soon be an important and the most influential place of social and commercial gathering within two years’ time. The 1st floor's roof of Gymkhana Club is complete as new members pour in and it has already started to get affiliated with other reputable clubs in Pakistan who don’t want to stay behind. Affiliated clubs such as Gujrat Gymkhana and Sargodha Gymkhana are located in the hub of Punjab’s industrial zones and more clubs are excited and talking to us regularly. Gwadar Gymkhana’s affiliation with other reputable clubs has high prospects to bring influential business communities to Gwadar who are excited to call Gwadar a second home in the new CPEC commercial hub port. Learn more at

Gwadar Pro App

At the first SCO Media Summit, which was held in Beijing on 1st June 2018, China Economic Net Media Co., Ltd. (CEN), VSH News Television (VSH), China Overseas Ports Holding Co., Ltd. (COPHC) and Pak China Investment Company Limited (PCICL) jointly agreed to develop Gwadar Pro App. The app is Gwadar's application that serves as a guide to live, invest and interact in Gwadar city. It is available on both iOS and Android.


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Vision Gwadar

Residential and Commercial housing project. Soon to be relaunched in 2019. Currently land is available for sale.

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Gwadar Pro

Gwadar's number one application serves as a guid to live, invest and interact in Gwadar city. Available on both iOS and Android.

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Balochistan Alternate Energy Company

Looking for partners to collaborate so alternate energy. Currently land available for 50MW solar energy.

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Visionary Magazine

Balochistan's number one monthly magazine company.

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Platinum Seaview Gwadar

Residential and Commercial housing project. Soon to be relaunched in 2019. Currently land is available for sale.


Platinum City Gwadar

Residential and Commercial housing project. Soon to be relaunched in 2019. Currently land is available for sale.


Freedom Rally Pakistan

Yearly motorsports event organised to promote tourism in Balochistan.

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Haji M. Iqbal Baloch Foundation

A foundation made after our Founding father, that aims to provide basic necessities during natural disaster and furnitures for schools in Balochistan.

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Vision Gwadar Tourism & Resorts

Laughing our first resort in Kund Malir in 2019. Land available in Ormara and Kalmat for tourism partnership.

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Baloch Culture Day

Baloch Culture Day

A mega cultural event celebrated around the world every year on 2nd March.


Time Productions

It is a production company that looks after VSH News daily production.

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VSH Films

Aims to promote social concern creative films to spread awareness about human rights.

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