• Shahmir Ahsanullah

60th "Gwadar Day" Flag Hoisting Ceremony

Gwadar: 60th "Gwadar Day" Flag Hoisting Ceremony was held today on 8th December 2019 by the Chief Guest, Commander Pakistan Fleet Vice Admiral Asif Khaliq- Pakistan Navy at PNS AKRAM PN Headquarters. This historical event was held in memory of the time when Gwadar became a part of Pakistan from Oman on 8th December 1958. This movement was started by Pakistan Movement activist, Haji Mohammed Iqbal Baloch of Pasni, Gwadar on 23rd April 1950 through his historical letter to the Government of Pakistan in which he highlighted the importance of Gwadar. HMIB put his full efforts & advocacy on bringing Gwadar back to Balochistan, Pakistan. Some other people had also put in great efforts in the movement. In his speech during the event, Ahmed Iqbal Baloch said “If my father had not taken this step, it would have been a big loss for Pakistan.” Today CPEC is the future of Pakistan because of these great visionary leaders.


8th December 2019

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