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Belt & Road: face to face 100th Episode celebration

KARACHI: Vsh News TV has recently celebrated the joyous event of the completion of 100 episodes of their collaborative program with China Economic Net:  The Belt & Road: face to face at Vsh News corporate office.

The occasion was graced by Vsh News Chairman/CEO Mr. Ahmed Iqbal Baloch and Director News/COO of Vsh News Mr. Owais Iqbal Baloch, accompanied by senior and young team members of Vsh News. Cake cutting ceremony was held with enthusiast and shimmering eyes of the team members as they shared their feelings about working with China Economic Net and showed their gratitude towards their hard work and support. While celebrating the happy event, the team also showed intentions to have more joint ventures with their Chinese colleagues.

'I feel ecstatic today, said Mr. Ahmed Iqbal Baloch ‘while I celebrate the completion of 100 episodes with my team. Our program The Belt & Road: face to face has clarified the misconceptions from people’s minds about the wrong information speculated by some media. Our program focuses on the development of CPEC and the changes and prosperity it has brought to our country’. He further added, ‘The program helps us in raising questions related to the development of CPEC, any upcoming ventures from both countries and other relevant queries, and they are answered by specialists and analysts from both sides.’

According to Mr. Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, CPEC is reshaping the whole region and their collaborative program has been playing a vital role in changing the mindset of people while giving updates to the people. Without Belt & Road: face to face, many rumors and negative news about CPEC would have kept on spreading without helping the people in knowing the true progress it has been making and the upcoming plans for the welfare and development of the whole region.

Mr. Owais Iqbal Baloch showed his appreciation to the people of China, particularly CEN team, to have been working with Vsh News and successfully bring their collaborative program to the 100th episode and he showed his wish to go for another stroke of hundred with more enthusiasm . Mr. Owais Iqbal commented. ‘Our program, The Belt& road: face to face highlights economy, development, prosperity, employment opportunities along with other developments, which are being and are going to be brought by CPEC’.

He further stated, ‘China has been working on the welfare of our country and its people, particularly, Balochistan and China is also helping increasing the employment rate and spreading education in Balochistan and our program has shown all that’. He went on saying, ‘I would like to say thanks to the people of CEN and my team of Vsh news as they are young and energetic and working passionately with superb coordination.’

During the ceremony, Vsh News team expressed their ideas of new joint ventures and showed how driven they are in working tirelessly for their collaborative endeavors.

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