• Shahmir Ahsanullah

H.E. Mr. Yao Jing Farewell Reception

Islamabad: On the occasion of Farewell Reception for the Media of Pakistan, Mr. Yao Jing (Ambassador of China for Pakistan) said I impress from the hospitality of Pakistani people further said CPEC is developing every day, President of China will visit Pakistan, delay is due to Covid-19 Pandemic.Ahmad Iqbal Baloch Chairman Visionary Group said on the occasion of farewell reception for the Media of Pakistan, friendship between Pakistan and China is very strong and Ambassador Yao Jing give strength in his tenure as a Ambassador, Mr. Yao Jing is hardworking and great person he appreciate his efforts being Ambassador he give dynamic progress & development in CPEC and Pak China relationship.

VSHNEWS report

18th September 2020

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