• Shahmir Ahsanullah

Improving the fishing industry of Gwadar with Chines companies

Do you know that the local people of Gwadar are completely dependent on the fishing as their daily income. Chinese companies like Minwell Industrial and Visionary Group are working hard to revolutionise the fishing industry of Gwadar, so that the local people produce more efficiently and more jobs are created. Mr. Fang Xiu Board Chairman of Minwell Industrial with the support of China Economic Net held an official meeting with Arsal Baloch (from VSH News), Shahmir Ahsanullah (from Gwadar Gymkhana), Nagman Saim (from Gwadar Fish Factory) and and two other Gwadar's fisher businessman to work on the betterment for the people of Gwadar. Location: Fuzhou, China. Dated: 11OCT19

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