• Shahmir Ahsanullah

Locals of Balochistan to participate in economic progress

Islamabad, June 14 (Gwadar Pro) – Visionary Group, Group Director Ovais Iqbal Baloch was invited at Chinese Embassy in Islamabad for a meeting on social coorporation. Balochi News Channel VSH News, Gwadar Gymkhana, HMIB Foundation and many other businesses are subsidiaries of Visionary Group. As Visionary Group has been contributing in social development for Baloch population in Pakistan for more than 17 years, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing appreciated Visionary Group Chairman Ahmed Iqbal Baloch’s efforts and is looking forward to working together. Mr. Ovais’s explained that his father Haji M. Iqbal Baloch a representative of Government of Pakistan has maintained a strong relationship with the Government of China since 1960’s and Visionary Group is committed to maintain this historic relationship as example of true brotherhood. During the meeting it was decided the Visionary Group & Chinese Embassy is willing put effort to uplift the local population of Balochistan by supporting & facilitating them in participation of Pakistan’s economic progress. The Ambassador added that the steering committee meeting on Gwadar Smart Port City under Ministry of Planning will take place next week on 18th June 2019. After the meeting Visionary Group, Group Director gifted Jinnah’s cap to the Ambassador as the national gift. After the meeting the Ambassador thanked Mr. Ovais for Jinnah's cap as the national gift.

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