• Shahmir Ahsanullah

Meeting Chairman COPHC, Mr. Zhang Baozhong

Gwader new international airport rapid-construction started in this month through 230 million dollar grant project by Chinese government. One of the largest airports aimed to be completed in three years but completion is anticipated in two years given its urgency.

Gwader Eastbay Express way will be completed by October next year, the work is underway. The express way is aimed to bypass the main Gwader city connecting the port, as contrary to the earlier plan of relocating the entire city population elsewhere.

Fakir Colony high school built by Chinese government in Gwader with a cost of one million dollar two years ago, now caters 600 students.

15 students are sent to china each year from Gwader on scholarship.

Meeting Chairman COPHC, Mr. Zhang Baozhong.

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