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Pakistan Gwadar Fishery Delegation Visits Fujian

Economic Daily - China Economic Net Beijing October 18 (trainee reporter Shi Yu) Recently, at the invitation of the Economic Daily - China Economic Net, a five-member delegation of the Gwadar Fisheries delegation in Pakistan went to Fujian for a six-day exchange study.

ABDUL BASIT ALBALOSHI, General Manager of Pakistan R&R Fisheries Company, NAGMAN, General Manager of Guadal Fishing Plant, Pakistan, and SHAH AKMAL, Director of Pakistan Venus Seafood Market and Sales Department, visited and visited Fuzhou and Quanzhou from October 10th to 15th. Fujian Province, such as Weiwei Industry, Honglong Aquatic Products, Hongdong Fishery, Mingcheng Aquatic Products, and Mingxiang Group, are leading aquaculture, offshore fishing and aquatic product processing enterprises in Fujian Province.

In Fuding City, Fang Xiu, chairman of Fujian Weiwei Industrial Co., Ltd., met with the delegation and arranged a two-day visit and exchange activities for the guests.

At the Squid Culture Museum, guests are deeply impressed by the variety of fishing tools that Chinese fishermen have used. The tools that these Chinese fishermen have eliminated decades ago, the fishermen of Gwadar Port are still in use today, which shows that Chinese fishery technology has been at least leading Pakistan for decades.

The Pakistan Fisheries Mission visited the fishery processing plant in Shishi City. Reporter Wang Zhongqiang / photo

The general manager of Gwadar Fishing Factory told reporters that the fishery in Gwadar Port basically represents the level of first-line fisheries in Pakistan, but their fishermen still use ancient Chinese fishing gear, and their deep processing technology of aquatic products only stays at “ The simple process of fishing - cleaning - dicing - packaging, resulting in a large number of tuna and other fish can not be further intensive processing, the added value is not high, the competitiveness is not strong. They hope to take this opportunity to learn from China's advanced refrigeration, fresh-keeping and deep-processing technologies, so that local fishermen can master more advanced production techniques and change the original production methods of local fishermen, so that Pakistan's fishery can be qualitatively leap.

At the symposium, Wang Qing, deputy general manager of Shuwei Industrial, introduced that the company's squid industry is developing from a single farming mode to a diversified industry. The output value of the upstream and downstream industrial chains is even more immeasurable. China and Pakistan have formed a friendship that is higher than the mountains, deeper than the sea, harder than steel, and sweeter than honey. Converse is not only willing to provide support to the Pakistani side in terms of technology and equipment, but also hopes that the cooperation between the two sides will go further and strive for more mutually beneficial and win-win results in fishery cooperation.

At the symposium, the Pakistan delegation exchanged views with Chairman Fang Xiu. Reporter Wang Zhongqiang / photo

Wang Lixia, deputy general manager of Weiwei Industry, accompanied the Pakistani fishery delegation to the company's nursery and breeding base. He visited the national-level flower garden aquatic breeding farm, the key laboratory of Fujian flower bud breeding and the new all-plastic deep-water cage culture. Rows, and detailed answers to their problems in the breeding technology.

The Pakistani Fisheries Investigation Group visited Fuding in the new all-plastic deep-water cage culture. Reporter Wang Zhongqiang / photo

During the period, the relevant person in charge of the Fujian Ocean Fisheries Development Promotion Association accompanied the delegation to inspect the leading enterprises in ocean fishing and aquatic product processing, and held a symposium on fishery cooperation and exchange. During the inspection of Shishi, Zhu Shiping, secretary of Shishi Municipal Party Committee, Li Bin, deputy mayor, and Hong Weilu, former deputy mayor, attended the relevant activities.

The Pakistan Fisheries Research Group held a symposium with the China Ocean Fisheries Association and took a group photo. Reporter Wang Zhongqiang / photo

The delegation went deep into the production workshops, ports, docks, frozen warehouses and other places of the enterprise to learn more about the production scale, operation mode, deep processing of aquatic products, cold chain logistics, sales and trade. After visiting the latest large-scale fishing vessels with frozen facilities, the members of the delegation praised the fishing level of China's fisheries and consulted Chinese enterprises on the details of the cost, specifications and sailing time of large fishing vessels. . In terms of freezing, the delegation visited advanced equipment such as high-power ammonia machine, ice-making workshop and new cold storage, and compared all aspects of its data with the local situation of Gwadar. The Pakistani side said that through this field visit to Fujian's seafood fishing, cold chain logistics, deep processing and other industrial chains, it is full of expectations for the prospect of fishery cooperation between the two sides, and hopes to further strengthen communication and exchanges and accelerate the promotion of project cooperation. Docking negotiations, achieve substantive results as soon as possible. Fujian enterprises also expressed the hope that the two sides can take this inspection and negotiation as a new starting point, further deepen their understanding, and strive to carry out joint ventures and cooperation in a larger scope and in a wider field to achieve win-win development.

The Pakistan Fisheries Mission visited the ancient Chinese fishing tools at the Salmon Culture Museum. Reporter Wang Zhongqiang / photo

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a major pilot project of the “Belt and Road”. The Port of Guarda and the Free Zone are the leading projects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The Chinese construction units actively develop various public welfare undertakings during the project construction process to benefit the local people. Economic Daily - China Economic Net is also actively promoting the economic cooperation between China and Pakistan while promoting the cooperation and exchanges between China and Pakistan. This visit to the Gwadar fishery company is another economic cooperation between the two countries following the economic daily newspaper last month - China Economic Net and Pakistani fruit import and export enterprises, and the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing held the Pakistan Mango Festival in Beijing. activity. During the delegation's visit to China, Cui Jun, the editor-in-chief of the China Economic Network, had a discussion with the members of the delegation. Li Li, the deputy general manager, accompanied the delegation to participate in the inspection activities.

Agriculture and fishery are the industries that Pakistan has prioritized at this stage, and it is also the focus of cooperation in the industrial and people's livelihood areas in the next phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The Pakistani government is about to launch a series of policies to support agriculture and fisheries development.

The event was supported by the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi, China Fisheries Association, China Ocean Fisheries Association, China Port Control (Gwadar Port and Free Zone Operating Enterprise), and Sequoia Taiye Investment Management Company. VSH, the most influential Balochistan TV station in Pakistan, helped organize the event.


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