VSH News has played a very important role in the development of Baloch society. Baloch people now have a voice to speak up through a satellite news channel. Our weekly TV shows are interactively designed to promote people of Balochistan and to question higher authorities for the provision of basic human rights to the Baloch. One such show is "Belt and Road” "Face to Face” that helps Baloch people to learn about all the activities of CPEC. These TV Shows are also designed to educate people about Balochistan’s beautiful culture, landscape, art and history along with educating them about training and job opportunities. Because of VSH, Baloch people living across Pakistan and abroad are much more aware of their province. VSH also promotes Baloch artists to bring their work forward in their own language such as dramas, music, poetry and performance. The TV channel has worked really hard to show a positive image of Pakistan to the Baloch community to bring peace and harmony between provinces for endless commerce.

Voice for the people of Balochistan

Empowering the women of Balochistan

Baloch people have been an extremely conservative community, because of which the priority of girl’s education and their career development has been put backwards for ages. VSH News for the first time in Pakistan, encouraged women to participate in the news channel as TV show hosts, news anchors and seniors executives. Most of our TV show hosts encourage families to provide their girls with primary, secondary, and university education. Most of the female students have actively participated on VSH's platform. Promoting women’s rights was one of the most challenging task for the management of VSH News TV. The women of Balochistan consider VSH as a beacon of light for women’s emancipation in all walks of life.

Introducing Baloch Culture Day

Baloch culture day was introduced to the world by Ahmed Iqbal Baloch which became an identity where common values, attitudes, preferences, knowledge, etc. are shown as the attributes of the Baloch community. It has created a positive influence on social development within the Baloch community around the world. This identity also plays a very important role in making Baloch people self-motivated in social activities and developmental activities. The recognition of Baloch as an individual or in a group is the key to such motivation. This eventually makes a positive impact to develop better creative environments. It has been noted at many levels of society that Baloch culture day is a prerequisite for a well-functioning public sphere with arenas for critical debate and exchange of ideas. This is vital for developing a sense of identity, attachment to place, and social participation. Baloch culture day on 2nd March also affects the economic climate of Balochistan through culture and business development.

Association for the  builders  & developers of Gwadar

Ahmed Iqbal Baloch became the first elected Chairman of “Gwadar Builders and Developers Association” (GBDA), which brings real estate developers of Gwadar together. The association provided its members with opportunities to network and share information and resources. The association has enabled members to gather on to one platform made specially for better working and for compliance with Gwadar Development Authority. The association holds meetings and special events for its members, giving them a chance to meet with their peers and enjoy the company of the fellow stakeholders of Gwadar. As a result of such activities there has been an improvement in the business climate of Gwadar. As business owners get to know one another, they find ways to share resources, unite on important issues and develop new tools for securing their profitability in the community and eventually create an atmosphere which encourages competition and attracts customers.

Public welfare support programme

The HMIB Foundation is working in various fields of social welfare and development. It was established in 2004 for the promotion of child education and natural disaster support program. The NGO started during the earthquake in Balochistan's city Awaran, where there was an urgent requirement of basic necessities for survival. The objective of Haji Muhammad Iqbal Baloch Foundation is to Improve the well-being of the poor, the ultra-poor, the impoverished, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable communities in Balochistan through all kinds of necessary support.

Political representation for the people of Balochistan

We aspire to create a system where the political leaders we elect and  the Parliament are directly responsible to the voters who elected them. Our party's vision is to realize the dream of our founding forefather, Haji Muhammad Iqbal Baloch, the dream of an equal and just society where every man, woman and child has the rights and privileges to lead a fulfilling and nurturing life, free from all kinds of oppression. A place where the power of governance and rights of democracy will be in the hands of the people of Balochistan under the law of the land. The Constitution of Pakistan and specifically the Preamble to the Constitution of Pakistan, defines a clear roadmap for the future of our country wherein the common man and woman hold the power to decide their destiny. Before independence the common Baloch was a slave to foreign powers; today he has become a slave of the political system of Balochistan. The political system which asks for our votes during elections, and then forgets us after they win. This political entity decides the common man's destiny. Every civilization reaches its line of tolerance. This is our line! Balochistan’s common man has had enough of oppression, inequality, injustice and unkept promises. Its time to move ahead.

Promoting motorsport and tourism in Balochistan

Way back in 2004, Freedom Rally, Pakistan’s first Motorsports company stepped into the undulating dunes of Gwadar Desert in Balochistan. The race, back then consisted of an extreme format, where man and machine were tested to limits and one had to cover the stages in the fastest time. Freedom Rally continues to be the famous rally in Pakistan, yearly celebrated on 14th August. It is tough in the desert as competitors battle extreme weather conditions, and navigation takes a key role owing to the terrain. In collaboration with FIA, our team leaves no stone unturned to make Freedom Rally an unforgettable experience. The tracks are prepared months in advance after rigorous rounds. The location of stages combined with the format of race, certainly makes it a treat to watch.

Supporting journalism and freedom of information

Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, Chairman, Visionary Group has contributed his dedicated support for the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE), an association that has worked since its foundation in 1957 as the combined body of Newspaper Editors in Pakistan to campaign for defense of press freedom and the right of access to information in the service of democratic practice and strengthening of democratic institutions in the country. The members of CPNE i.e. newspapers editors have also adopted a Code of Ethics which lays down the norms for maintaining the dignity of print media as a non-partisan and professional high standard in member publications with respect to publications of news, views, comments and other write-ups.

Safeguarding the Balochi culture and language

Balochi language and culture are indeed key components of the Baloch identity. They bind the community and the nation together. Balochi language and culture are intricately related and dependent on each other, shaping personalities and serving as repositories of knowledge. They contribute to how we see ourselves and can determine with what groups we identify. VSH News and Baloch culture day has played a very important role in protecting the beauty of Balochi language and culture though their interactive TV show programs, on ground activities and world wide celebrations.

The principles of non-discrimination, participation, empowerment, human dignity, transparency, rule of law and accountability are overarching principles of a rights-based approach in all sectors.

By basing our media and business works on above principles, we help to ensure that all groups and social classes are taken into consideration for peace and stability which improves access to information for accountability in the efforts to promote fair distribution. Equality before the law and equal access to public services and welfare goods are fundamental preconditions for fair distribution. The Government also emphasizes that growth is not economically sustainable unless it also contributes to increased social equality. The progress towards reduced inequality will require continued focus and an explicit political will for strong regulation and a redistributive policy to succeed in reversing the trend.

Support from select government institutions are deemed to be important in relation to reversing an authoritarian trend. Targeted support may be provided for parts of the government administration, for example for human rights training for the police and judiciary, or for capacity-building for supreme audit institutions or other agencies that are deemed to be suited to promote the rule of law so that citizens’ fundamental rights are legally protected. It can also include, among other things, contributing to peace and reconciliation processes.

The rule of law is dependent on corruption being under control. The government agencies having sufficient capacity is also a precondition for upholding the rule of law and safeguarding human rights. Media is the driving force pushing for fundamental reforms at all times. It is also necessary for independent media to have capacity in  form of organization and resources. VG contributes to developing media by supporting training and education for journalists and strengthening independent media by supporting capacity-building.

Corruption is a serious threat to the rule of law and security having a destructive effect on society as a whole. It deprives the state of substantial revenues, thus undermining the possibility of providing universal high-quality health and care services and education and of investing in projects like building roads and ensuring access to water and energy.

By the end of 2012, the United Nations Convention sets out a framework for transparency and accountability requirements. It is an important tool for monitoring how countries meet their commitments. Participation by civil society in following up the Convention’s implementation in individual countries is important. The main elements of the Convention are preventions, criminalization and law enforcement, international cooperation, legal mechanisms for asset recovery, technical assistance and information exchange. Public access to information and transparency in public administration are necessary and puts the countries’ supreme audit institutions in a better position to carry out checks and audit for long term stability.

Improving security situation of Balochistan Province, Pakistan

Ahmed Iqbal Baloch with Nasir Khan Janjua (National Security Advisor of Pakistan)

Supporting Pakistan’s mainstream media community

Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, Chairman Visionary Group has contributed his dedicated support for Pakistan Broadcasters Association, an association that has come in place to offer optimum advantage to all stakeholders of the media industry – Broadcast Houses, Ad Agencies, and Advertisers alike! Even though all the issues the industry faces are not common, but all players feel the impact in one way or the other. Within the rules and regulations that the Association has put together to meet its various aims, one chapter is particularly relevant to conducting business with Advertising Agencies and Media Buying Houses. It is a system operated process where Clearance House makes it imperative for the advertisers to pay their dues in stipulated time to avoid any inconvenience of disruption in telecast of their advertisements. Besides the broadcast houses, it provides protection to the Ad Agencies and Media Buying Houses against situations that could arise out of default of payments. In fact, it’s a win situation for all the stakeholders under the regulatory umbrella of PEMRA.

Producing social concern films

VSH Films aims to produce films and documentaries highlighting and benefiting social causes, because we believe films are great. They can capture your imagination and educate you about issues you might not know much about. But the best thing about films is that they tell you a story. Sometimes it can be hard to really understand what discrimination, poverty or suffering are like when it doesn’t affect you personally. The journey a film takes you on can immerse you in other lives for a few hours and help you empathize with people you’ve never met. Films can motivate you, inspire you to live a bit differently and even transform your beliefs.

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