The Visionaries

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 - President of GBDA (Gwadar Builder and Developer Association) 
- Member of CPNE (Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors)
- Member of PBA (Pakistan Broadcasters Association)
- Vice President of CPEC Media Forum
- Member of Gwadar Chamber of Commerce

Ahmed Iqbal Baloch

Chairman - Visionary Group

I started my professional career 30 years back. Being the son of a great businessman, Haji Muhammad Iqbal Baloch (late), and following his footsteps, I have always tried to work for the betterment of my country. By the grace of the Almighty, today due to those 30 years of hard work I believe my company is truly contributing to the economic growth of Pakistan. It is the same vision which I adopted from my father that has helped me build my own philosophy. As a writer, a passionate poet, a proven team builder and an upholder of cultures, I was motivated to found Visionary Group in 2002 to bridge the gap between the rich and poor.

I always believed that without economic growth and people to people connectivity one cannot achieve his ultimate goals, thus making development impossible. Therefore, realizing the potential in Balochistan, in 2004, I pioneered an annual feature in the motorsports industry through Freedom Rally Pakistan which has eventually brought business and tourism to this unseen province of Pakistan. Through Vsh News, I gave a voice to Balochistan and since then Vsh News has represented the province within and across the country. A decade ago, I physically sensed the need for building an elite social club to not only amplify but bring a great change in the economic activity of Balochistan. Therefore, I am now building Gwadar Gymkhana which will be a place where people will connect, and businesses will flourish.

To me, prosperity is hidden in respecting humans. I also firmly believe that success is destined for those who are fearless in the face of hardships and live through difficult times without compromising on their values. However, despite all our achievements, there are still many more challenges to face and obstacles to overcome.

Ovais Iqbal Baloch

Director- Visionary Group

Belonging from Pasni, a small city in the District of Gwadar, Balochistan but raised in Karachi, I am Ovais Iqbal Baloch, son of a great leader Haji Muhammad Iqbal Baloch (late). To bring back the legacy of my father who played a vital role in the social and political development of Balochistan and Pakistan, I want to work towards the evolution of this province which would eventually lead to the growth of Pakistan. My goal is to provide fundamental human rights to the people of Balochistan, so this province can progress. I believe that Balochistan has vast untapped potential which can help Pakistan boost its economic sector. Over the years Visionary Group has achieved numerous milestones like introducing Pakistan’s first Motorsports company, Freedom Rally Pakistan; Pakistan’s first Balochi satellite TV news channel, Vsh News Television and Balochistan’s first elite social club, Gwadar Gymkhana.

Initiatives like these require a lot of traveling and engagement with the locals. The more I travelled, the more I realized the challenges the people of Balochistan face in terms of education, health and social uplifting. Therefore, in 2004, my brother and I established a nonprofit organization named after our father, Haji Muhammad Iqbal Baloch. The HMIB Foundation aims to work in various fields of social welfare. Moreover, my brother and I have successfully tried to connect the people of Balochistan with mainstream Pakistan through cultural integration by introducing 2nd March as Baloch Culture Day, a day celebrated with utmost enthusiasm across Pakistan.