Vsh News TV – the only Balochi language TV channel

VSH NEWS TV is the largest Balochi-language and Balochistan-centric satellite TV news channel launched in 2009 by Visionary Group. The channel was in response to the yearning call of Baloch strata of Pakistan’s society for a TV channel to cater the needs of news, dramas, info and entertainment programs in Balochi language. The channel instantly made space in the TV viewing audience in Pakistan for exclusive news of Balochistan. Beside there was instant bondage between the Baloch people worldwide and VSH NEWS TV as they recognized the important role of the channel in persevering the Baloch culture and language and giving voice to unheard issues of Balochistan. The channel also has a strong viewership in Middle-Eastern countries including Khaleej, where sizeable Baloch populace reside who watch and enjoy the shows on VSH NEWS TV.

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The channel has sound cable distribution on all cable head-ends in Pakistan with good placement. The channel also acts has a news agency for Balochistan and collaborates with other national and international news outlets for news and footages. The channel is staffed with more than thousand journalists in Pakistan associated with VSH NEWS TV directly and indirectly. The channel runs a 24/7 transmission and has various TV programs including news, current affairs and entertainment program hosted by highly skilled professional hosts including both women and men. The entrainment programs promote local talents of Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular. VSH News has two TV programs aired in collaboration with CEN called: “When in China and The Belt and Road Face to Face.”

“When in China” is a program which shows how Pakistanis are comfortably living in China and contributing to its economy and society. It promotes cultural and educational exchange of information to strengthen ties between the two countries. The Belt and Road Face to Face discusses all CPEC related activities and their cultural, economic, and social impact on Pakistan. A moderator from VSH News raises questions that are answered by the CEN counterpart in Beijing. It is an interactive program with productive discussions relevant to the people of both the countries. Both these TV shows are primarily in English language with Balochi subtitles.

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The Belt and Road Face to Face 一带一路面对面

When in China 在中国